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For decades, the United States has been at the forefront of offering a haven to foreign nationals who flee their home countries due to fears of persecution. When granted asylum or refugee status, one is protected against deportation and enjoys the same rights as any other American citizen. As a democratic nation, the U.S. continues to open its doors to asylum seekers to date.

Still, seeking asylum anywhere in the U.S. can be very complicated. Status is not easily granted since immigration officers set strict guidelines and standards that must be met before entry into any state is allowed. Understanding how these laws apply in your case may be difficult, especially as a foreigner. You could feel lost without an experienced immigration attorney on your side. For this reason, it is advisable you seek guidance from a Missouri City application for asylum lawyer.

Eligibility for Asylum in the United States

Not every individual is eligible for seeking asylum in the United States. There are certain thresholds you must meet before you are allowed lawful residence. When seeking asylum, it is important to be adequately prepared for the rigorous process of entering and residing in the U.S. Even as you flee your home country due to political instability, natural disaster, or fear of persecution, the burden of proof lies on you to show concrete reasons why you should be allowed entry and stay anywhere in the U.S. Your application for asylum in Texas or any other state must be submitted within one year from the day of last entry into the U.S.

As provided for under the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT), member states are barred from forcibly deporting asylum seekers or refugees back to their home countries, if doing so would put their safety at risk. Foreseeable threats in the form of persecution, torture, execution, or imprisonment due to race, political affiliation, religion, nationality, and membership in certain groups are common grounds on which you can seek refuge in another country. Working with a Missouri City refugee attorney is the best chance you have when it comes to establishing your eligibility for asylum.

What to Do When Your Application for Asylum is Declined

Even if your application is not approved, you may still have a chance to remain in the U.S. Through the grant of “Withholding of Removal,” immigration authorities will review your case and consider whether to refrain from deporting you back to your home country. The Defensive Asylum Application can be trickier especially when you are unable to prove the persecution you are likely to face back home. Therefore, you must take the once-in-a-lifetime chance and allow a qualified asylum application attorney in Missouri City to handle the process on your behalf.

Do I Need an Attorney When Applying for Asylum or Refugee Status?

Many people seeking asylum or refugee status in the United States often question the need for an attorney when making their applications. While every asylum case is unique, retaining a Missouri City application for refugee attorney can mean the difference between success or failure. Although the final decision will be made by the immigration authorities, the truth is that their verdict will be hinged on the application you make. An experienced attorney will help with the following:

  • Prepare the right paperwork
  • Guide you through the asylum application process
  • Evaluate your eligibility for asylum or refugee status
  • Help you understand the laws of the state you wish to settle in
  • Furnish the immigration authorities with proper documentation
  • Help you attain full citizenship after asylum or refugee status is granted
  • Keep you updated about regulations that may affect your case while being processed

Seeking asylum or refugee status is a complex legal process that requires the invaluable assistance of a qualified legal team. Proving that you fled your home country due to a well-founded fear of past or future persecution is usually an uphill task. The last thing you want is to make mistakes that could cost your freedom, security, rights, and peace of mind. An attorney’s inclusion and participation in the application for the asylum process is important.

Talk to a Missouri City Asylum Attorney About Your Case Today

Being granted asylum anywhere in the United States is a dream for many people who flee their home countries due to well-founded fear of persecution, imprisonment, or torture. Don’t leave your chances to fate. A Missouri City application for asylum lawyer is happy to help you achieve this milestone. Call us today to discuss your application for asylum or refugee status.

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