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Texas is a lively state with a lot of distinctions that make it a popular state to move to. It is among the most populated states in the U.S. But even so, other distinctions call for alarm. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Texas roads and highways are among common areas where commercial truck accidents occur. Their statistics indicate that at least 671 lives were lost in 2017 alone due to collisions with large commercial trucks.

These statistics are just a fraction of the total injuries that many Texans experience on the roads. Thousands of lives have been lost while millions of survivors are still grappling with injuries sustained in these collisions. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand too well the implications of these crashes. The injuries can alter your life, leaving you with huge financial burdens that rob you of the full enjoyment of life. For this reason, our dedicated attorneys step in to hold the parties at fault (and their insurance companies) financially responsible for your injuries and damages. Your first step towards financial recovery starts with retaining a Katy jackknife truck accident lawyer from our firm.

What is a Jackknife Truck Accident?

A jackknife truck accident occurs when the two connected parts (the trailer and the cab) fold, forming a 90-degree angle. The term “jackknife” alludes to a pocketknife in which the blade folds into its handle, which this type of accident resembles. Once this type of crash occurs, the driver has almost no control over the truck. This is very dangerous since it can sweep away smaller vehicles or spill cargo on the road, resulting in a chain of accidents.

Major Causes of Katy Jackknife Truck Accidents

There are many ways a jackknife truck accident can occur. To a great extent, most of these causes are purely out of the negligent behavior on the part of truck drivers, trucking companies, and truck owners. You need an experienced attorney to establish the initial cause of the jackknife truck crash before filing a claim. Some of these causes are:

Poor Driver Training

Operating a truck requires specialized training compared to normal vehicles. As such, it’s the responsibility of trucking companies and owners to hire accredited and well-trained drivers. They also need to carry out regular driver refresher courses to ensure they are up-to-date with modern techniques and traffic rules.


Unfortunately, most truck drivers operate under a lot of pressure to deliver goods within set timeframes. To meet their targets, they resort to speeding. This is in itself a recipe for jackknifing. The faster the vehicle moves; the more momentum it gains. In case of an emergency, it becomes very difficult to stop the truck.


Following another vehicle too closely can result in a tragic jackknife truck accident. If the car in front makes a stop, the truck driver is left with no other choice but to make a sudden swerve or slam on the brakes. This can be fatal especially when moving at high speeds. Your Katy jackknife truck accident attorney can review dash camera and traffic footage to prove the driver was tailgating before the crash occurred.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Driving in bad weather conditions requires extra vigilance on the part of a truck driver. But even for the most careful drivers, inclement weather conditions can be tough. For example, icy roads reduce the vehicle’s traction with the road, making it very easy for the trailer to slide and fold, forming a V shape. Although cannot file a claim against Mother Nature, you can hold the truck driver responsible for choosing to drive in these bad road conditions with the help of a skilled Katy jackknife truck accident lawyer.

Vehicle Defects

Another potential cause of a jackknife truck wrecks is vehicle malfunctions. When the steering or braking systems fail, liability may fall on the part of the truck manufacturer or owner. Expectedly, filing a claim against resourceful companies on your own may not yield your desired results. Trucking companies have legal teams ready to shoot down any claims against them. The best way to deal with them is to retain an equally resourceful and aggressive accident attorney.

How Our Katy Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer May Help

Jackknifing collisions are particularly very complex and present a challenge that only a seasoned attorney can handle. For example, you need an accident reconstruction expert to review the facts about your accident and re-create the moments before the crash. This helps pinpoint liability and illustrate how the accident happened. Apart from retaining such experts on your behalf, our Katy jackknife truck accident lawyers will fight for maximum compensation. We will take all your losses into the account to ensure that you receive full justice in your settlement. Contact us today to talk to our legal team in a free consultation.

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