What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Katy

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Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. Riders lack protective shields, unlike the motorists driving in standard cars. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 5% of motorists on Texas roads are motorcyclists. While not all motorcyclists have been involved in a crash, some have seen the unfortunate consequences of these accidents. The aftermath can be very traumatizing and even fatal. Motorcyclists are at extreme risk of aggravated harm or death.

Because these types of crashes have been increasing in recent years, you must know what to do after a motorcycle accident in Katy. All too often, we come across victims who regret not knowing what to do immediately after an accident. You don’t have to be among them if you follow the guideline below as compiled by our experienced motorbike accident attorneys.

Get to Safety

Because most motorcycle accidents happen on busy roads and highways, you are likely to be close to other vehicles and road users. This can be dangerous. After a motorbike collision, ensure that you analyze your surroundings and get to safety. Move away from traffic but keep an eye on the crash scene. If a loved one was involved in the accident, get them to safety and help them in the best way you can.

Report the Motorcycle Accident

Depending on the seriousness of the crash, it’s important that you call the police. Although not all scenarios require local authorities, motorcycle crashes are often serious and have a high likelihood of resulting in injury. The police may want to investigate the circumstances around the crash and determine liability, who was at fault for the crash. Before leaving the scene, ensure that you retain a copy of their report to use later in your insurance claim.

Many motorcyclists choose not to call the police because the fault is clear. They believe that surely, the other driver’s insurance company wouldn’t deny fault when their driver admitted that it was their fault at the scene of the accident. Unfortunately, our lawyers regularly see insurance companies deny fault, even when liability is extremely obvious. To best ensure that fault is established, it’s always advisable to call the police to have an official police report written for your Katy motorbike wreck.

Check Yourself for Injuries

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to realize if you were injured immediately after the motorcycle accident. The shock and adrenaline rush that kicks in may cloud your judgment until it’s too late. You should check yourself for injuries and seek immediate medical attention, especially when you feel something is wrong.

Exchange Information & Collect Evidence

No matter how serious the motorcycle accident is, it’s always a good idea to collect evidence from the scene as soon as possible. You could take photos and videos of your injuries and damaged property. Also, exchange contact information with all parties involved, including eyewitnesses. Take notes of the events as they transpire and record them safely. When meeting with your attorney, bring this information with you.

Notify Your Insurance Company

If your motorcycle or any other property has been damaged, or you have been injured, you need to notify your insurance company. Letting them know you are in the business of demanding compensation allows them to be prepared for your claim. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies honor their end of the bargain. Some act in complete disregard of Texas insurance laws, denying liability and failing to compensate deserving victims. The best way to tackle such scenarios is by letting a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer handle your case.

Retain a Lawyer in Katy

Many personal injury victims wait until it’s too late to retain an attorney. This shouldn’t be the case. The earlier you speak with an experienced Katy lawyer, the better. Most of the time, you won’t need to pay upfront legal fees to have a legal team on your side. Most personal injury lawyers including the ones at Lone Star Injury Attorneys have a contingency fee policy in place to this effect. This means that you won’t have to worry about financing your case because your attorneys only get paid if you get paid.

Time is Not On Your Side

You may be quick to think you have a lot of time on your side after an accident. The truth of the matter is you do not. The aftermath of a tragic motorcycle accident may involve a long hospital stay or extended treatment. Before you realize it, the Texas Statute of Limitations will be approaching. Typically, you have up to 2 years to file a claim from the day of the crash. This may seem like a long time at first, but without proper planning, the deadline might be sooner than you think. The best thing you can do after a motorcycle crash is retain a Katy lawyer who will work tirelessly on your case while you focus on medical treatment.

Talk to Our Katy Lawyer About Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

If you were involved in a motorbike collision, you likely have a lot of questions regarding your rights and eligibility for compensation. The lawyers at our firm are ready and willing to address the grey areas of your case and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for a free one-on-one case evaluation session and discuss what to do after a motorcycle accident in Katy.

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