Katy Major Road Accidents

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Road accidents are a common sight on Katy major highways and roads, such a I-10 and Highway 90. Even a minor crash can cause untold pain and suffering to victims and their loved ones. The extreme cases often result in insurmountable losses as injured persons race against time to seek treatment and rehabilitative care. In some very common scenarios, the injuries are permanent, resulting in a lifetime disability.

If you were involved in a Katy major road accident, it’s only fair that the parties responsible are held accountable for their negligent behaviors. By speaking with our personal injury attorneys, you stand a chance to recover record-breaking monetary compensation for your injuries and losses.

Identifying Katy Major Road Accidents

While tens of road accidents occur in Texas every day, no two crashes are similar. Each case is unique. Identifying the various major road accidents in Katy is a giant step towards keeping yourself on the lookout. Although you may not be 100% safe, understanding how these crashes occur is crucial to helping you take legal action in case you are involved in one.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, some of the major road accidents in Katy are:

Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks play a crucial role in the economy of the greater Texas region and surrounding states. Being a major transit hub, Texas witnesses hundreds of trucks on its highways every day. Unfortunately, not all these trips go without an incident. Commercial truck accidents are particularly catastrophic owing to their sheer size and weight. Collisions with smaller passenger vehicles are in most cases very fatal, resulting in deaths or permanent injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents

At one point or another, every Texan is a pedestrian. As such, the risk associated with pedestrian accidents increases. Sadly, most of these accidents involve motorists. Negligence on the part of drivers is among the leading causes of pedestrian deaths and injuries.

A person on foot could also be at fault for their injuries. It’s not uncommon to see a pedestrian dash across the road without much concern about oncoming traffic. Most of these accidents are tragic. Those lucky to survive often have to deal with permanent injuries that alter the course and quality of their lives.

Motorcycle Accidents

Everything is bigger in Texas, and so is the love for motorcycling, both for sporting activities and personal use. The love for cruising on major highways and roads has no match. While the experience is thrilling, some of them turn tragic when driver negligence is involved. A motorcyclist is seven times more likely to die or suffer life-threatening injuries compared to other motorists. This is largely attributed to their lack of protective equipment and gear. Sharing roads with aggressive or negligent drivers is among the reasons why motorcycle accidents have been on the rise in recent years.

Bus Accidents

Greyhound buses, tour buses, school buses, and intercity buses are a common sight on Katy roads. They are a preferred mode of mass transport of people. An average bus can accommodate at least 50 people, making them ideal for long-distance travel. In contrast with other passenger vehicles, buses do not have a lot of safety features. Some lack safety belts, making passengers prone to serious harm in case of a crash.

Car Accidents

Normal passenger vehicles carry up to seven persons. They include ride-sharing vehicles like Uber or Lyft. As a passenger, you may still recover compensation by suing the driver, Uber or Lyft as the ridesharing company, or the vehicle owner. But the complexity of such cases requires that you retain a knowledgeable lawyer.

How Do Katy Major Road Accidents Occur?

There are several ways that the above-listed accidents can happen. Understanding how each occurs is a sure way of preparing yourself for the worst. Katy major road accidents may occur as:

Although their aftermath is often the same, each accident is unique and different from the other. The impact could be similar, but from different causes which include:

Regardless of how your accident occurred, you deserve justice if the accident was preventable. You likely will need to establish liability on the part of the other driver or another party to successfully make a recovery.

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