When you suffer considerable harm due to the negligent behavior of another party, it’s important that you file a personal injury claim. By doing so, you stand a better chance of recovering monetary compensation for your injuries and related losses. Depending on the legal channel you pursue, the party at fault may be compelled to compensate you out-of-pocket or through their insurance company. Regardless of the method, the end goal is to make you whole again by getting you back to the position you were in before the injury.

Before filing an injury case, it is recommended that you speak with a qualified attorney who specializes in personal injury law. A good lawyer is the best asset in any injury case. To begin with, you will need a lot of documentation and calculations before you can recover any compensation. With their experience, your legal team will take into account all your past and future losses. Your major focus as the injured party should be on following up with treatment, rather than worrying about legal fees and deadlines. Your Katy personal injury attorney will take up your case and ensure that you get the maximum recoverable amount of compensation.

What are Damages in a Katy Injury Case?

Damages in any personal injury case refer to the injuries and losses that the injured person (plaintiff) has received. Through settlement of a verdict at trial, the party at fault (defendant) or their insurance company will compensate the Plaintiff for his or her losses.  They are often recoverable through negotiations with individual parties or their insurance companies. However, if the out-of-court process fails, you may proceed to file a personal injury case in court where a jury or judge makes a ruling on your case.

The most common types of damages in a Katy accident case are:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are losses that have a monetary value attached and can be easily quantified. In most cases, they are easy to prove. Documents and receipts are integral in the full realization of economic losses. Therefore, you must keep all records related to these types of damages. Economic damages may include:

Lost Wages

This includes all bonuses and earnings lost from time spent away from work. Your employer may provide your attorney with documentation showing the number of days you missed work and the wages lost.

Past and Future Medical Expenses

This covers all medical-related expenses that you incur seeking treatment for your injuries. It’s important that you record every loss you suffer for services such as laboratory tests, x-rays, medication, and consultation fees.

Lost Premiums and Benefits

Some injuries are permanent, leaving injured persons out of work forever. By filing a personal injury case, you stand a chance to recover lost premiums and benefits. For example, if a business contract is terminated due to an injury, they may be compensated for the benefits they were entitled to before suffering harm.

Rehabilitation Costs

If your injuries require rehabilitation, you will have to pay for home care service providers or nursing homes. Unfortunately, this can be costly. Filing a Katy injury case allows you to recover compensation for such losses.

A good personal injury attorney will retain the services of a financial expert to realize the full extent of your economic losses. They also help bring together all your out-of-pocket expenses such as transportation costs.

Non-Economic Damages

Unlike economic losses, non-economic damages are not easily quantifiable in monetary terms. To determine their value, you need a financial expert. These damages require no documentation or receipts. However, some scenarios may see you require written evidence and tangible proof from medical practitioners to back your claims. Non-economic damages cover:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of consortium, in case of wrongful death
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical Impairment
  • Permanent disability

Although these scenarios may be difficult to prove using price tags, they have insurmountable effects on victims who suffer severe injuries.

Punitive Damages

This type of damage is not meant to make you whole again. On the contrary, it’s supposed to punish the defendant for their recklessness. Because they are not available in every case, and would likely only apply in trial, you should discuss this with your Katy personal injury lawyer.

Not Sure About the Damages You Qualify For? We May Help

If you are unsure about the damages you should sue for, you are not alone. An experienced personal injury lawyer from our firm can help pull together all your losses before arriving at a figure that is fair and accurate. For free legal advice concerning damages in a Katy injury case, call us today for a free consultation.