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Texas roads are home to different types of buses ranging from Greyhound buses, school buses, tour buses, airport transfer buses, intercity buses, and more. More and more Texans are preferring this mode of transport to conventional means. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a bus can be any vehicle that accommodates at least nine passengers in one sitting. And while most trips go without an incident, some do not make it to their destination.

If you have been a victim of a bus accident that you believe was caused by someone else, a skilled personal injury attorney could help you get compensation. All you need is proof that someone was at fault, whether that is your bus driver or another vehicle, and that the bus accident caused your injury. Doing this on your own may be an uphill task especially when you have to focus on treatment for your injuries. Nonetheless, a qualified Katy bus accident lawyer may help.

Accidents Involving School Buses

The safety of your child is your biggest concern. And when you see them off to school or have them picked by their school bus, you entrust the driver and the management with their wellbeing. While school bus accidents are not as common as traditional car accidents, they still happen. If your child suffered serious harm under similar circumstances, you may initiate a legal process on their behalf.

However, you should expect a more complex process given the many parties that may bear liability. Conversely, drivers are often to blame, but this doesn’t mean they are always at fault. The school management may be sued depending on the facts around your child’s injuries. A compassionate Katy bus accident lawyer can help you build a solid claim for maximum compensation.

Major Parties that Bear Liability in Bus Accident Cases

Before deciding to file a bus accident lawsuit, you need to establish the parties responsible for the crash. This allows you to point out the party likely to yield maximum compensation. For example, suing a bus manufacturing company may result in a better settlement compared to filing a claim against a bus driver. Either way, you need a qualified bus accident attorney in Katy.

Common defendants in bus accident lawsuits are:

Bus Drivers

Every driver is responsible for the safety of their passengers while behind the wheels. This means that they must always act responsibly while on the road, adhering to state and federal traffic rules. But if they are reckless or negligent, causing harm to people on board or other road users, they may face civil charges in a court of law. A state prosecutor may also bring criminal charges against them depending on the circumstances. Even so, this shouldn’t stop you from demanding compensation for your losses.

Bus Companies & Owners

Bus companies and owners have a legal duty of maintaining their fleet and ensuring that they are safe for operation. They are also mandated with the responsibility of hiring competent and well-trained drivers. So if a poorly maintained vehicle or incompetent driver causes a crash, these parties may be at fault.

Bus Manufacturers

If investigations point out a defective vehicle part as the cause of your bus accident, the manufacturer, distributor and retailer may be on the wrong side of the law. Your personal injury lawyer may initiate a product liability claim for a better settlement. Product manufacturers are required to ensure that their products meet the minimum quality threshold as enshrined in state and federal laws.

Wrongful Death Claims in Bus Accident Cases

If someone is killed following a crash, their estate may file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation for the damages owed to the deceased. On top of that, they may also be compensated for losses they incur due to the death of their loved one. Wrongful death claims often result in higher compensation compared to many personal injury cases.

Unfortunately, not so many people understand how compensation works in this scenario. Even for those who do, initiating the process is traumatizing, and they give up altogether. But with an attorney experienced in handling bus collision claims, you get to focus on healing and grieving while they fight for your rights.

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