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Texas roads accommodate a diverse array of buses, including Greyhound buses, school buses, tour buses, airport transfer buses, intercity buses, and more. This mode of transport is gaining popularity among Texans compared to traditional means. Defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) as any vehicle capable of seating at least nine passengers, buses are usually a reliable mode of transportation. However, some journeys are marred by accidents.

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident and believe it was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you might be entitled to compensation. With evidence that another party, such as the bus driver or another vehicle, was at fault and that their actions directly led to your injuries, you have a case. Pursuing this claim on your own can be a daunting challenge, especially when your focus should be on recovering from your injuries. However, a knowledgeable Katy bus accident lawyer could provide the assistance you need to seek justice and compensation.

Accidents Involving School Buses

Your child’s safety is your paramount concern. Every day, as you send them off to school or entrust them to a school bus, you place their well-being in the hands of the driver and the school management. Although school bus accidents are less frequent than traditional car accidents, they do occur. If your child has been seriously injured in such an accident, you may have the grounds to initiate legal proceedings on their behalf.

However, be prepared for a potentially complex process, as liability might rest with multiple parties. While drivers are frequently blamed, they are not always at fault. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your child’s injuries, the school management itself could also be held responsible. A compassionate Katy bus accident lawyer with expertise in this area can help you construct a robust claim, maximizing the potential for compensation.

Major Parties that May Bear Liability in Bus Accident Cases

Before proceeding with a bus accident lawsuit, it’s vital to identify the parties responsible for the crash. Doing so enables you to target the party most likely to result in maximum compensation. For instance, pursuing a claim against a bus manufacturing company may lead to a more substantial settlement than filing against a bus driver. In any case, the guidance of a qualified bus accident attorney in Katy is essential.

Common defendants in bus accident lawsuits include:

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers are entrusted with the safety of their passengers. This responsibility requires them to act with caution on the road and adhere to both state and federal traffic laws. If they act recklessly or negligently, causing harm to passengers or other road users, they may face civil liability. Depending on the circumstances, a state prosecutor might also bring criminal charges against them. Regardless, this should not deter you from pursuing compensation for your losses.

Bus Companies & Owners

Bus companies and owners bear a legal duty to maintain their vehicles and ensure that they are safe for operation. This responsibility extends to hiring competent and well-trained drivers. Should a crash occur due to a poorly maintained vehicle or an unqualified driver, these parties might be held accountable.

Bus Manufacturers

If an investigation reveals that a defective part was the cause of the bus accident, not only the manufacturer but also the distributor and retailer might find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Your personal injury lawyer may initiate a product liability claim, potentially leading to a more favorable settlement. Product manufacturers are obligated to ensure that their products meet the minimum quality standards established by state and federal regulations.

Wrongful Death Claims in Bus Accident Cases

If a person is killed in a crash, their estate may pursue a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for the damages owed to the deceased. Additionally, the estate may seek compensation for its own losses incurred due to the death of the loved one. Generally, wrongful death claims can result in higher compensation compared to many personal injury cases.

Regrettably, understanding the compensation process in wrongful death cases can be complex and overwhelming for many people. For those who do grasp it, the process of initiating a claim can be so emotionally taxing that they abandon the pursuit altogether. With the guidance of an attorney well-versed in handling bus collision claims, you can concentrate on healing and grieving, confident in the knowledge that your rights are being defended.

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