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grocery products Every day, thousands of Galveston residents visit shopping malls to buy foodstuffs, electronics, household items, or just to do some window shopping. With this high traffic, it may become difficult for you to go about your activities safely. This is even made much worse by unsafe premise conditions such as wet and defective floors. Unfortunately, many people do not understand that a visit to the grocery store or supermarket can change their lives forever. Accidents in these places can be catastrophic, resulting in serious bodily harm. What follows is a series of financial, physical, and emotional hardships that are difficult to contend with on your own.

Regardless of where you were injured, you have the right to file a personal injury case for compensation. All supermarkets and grocery stores are expected to adhere to state and federal rules to ensure the safety of shoppers. And while each retailer may come up with additional safety measures, these rules cut across both small stores and supermarkets.

Unfortunately, some supermarket owners fail to adhere to these rules, creating unsafe conditions for shoppers and visitors. So, when someone is injured due to this negligence, the liable parties can be sued for compensation. A Galveston supermarket injury lawyer can spearhead the legal process on your behalf for maximum returns. Do not hesitate to speak with a qualified attorney from our firm.

Common Types of Supermarket Injuries in Galveston

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 20 and 30 percent of supermarket injury victims sustain severe injuries. This means that they need quality and timely medical care to fully recover, which is not always the case since some of these injuries are permanent. Therefore, the most important action that you can do is to consult an experienced Galveston supermarket injury lawyer on the possibility of filing a personal injury case for compensation.

There are many ways that you can be injured while in a supermarket. The most common type of supermarket injury in Galveston is a slip and fall accident. This results from cluttered or wet floors, poorly maintained staircases, and defective shopping carts. Because supermarkets employ different tactics to attract customers’ attention to the products on the shelves, it’s very easy for you to lose your footing on a spilled drink, ice, uneven surface, cluttered floor, or mud tracks from other shoppers.

While accidents do happen, supermarket owners and managers must maintain the safety of their premises to avert such accidents. So if you slipped over an unsafe condition that existed for a considerable time without the intervention of the necessary parties, you may qualify for compensation. If the floors were wet, but the warning signs were not there or were not clear enough, your lawyer can build up a supermarket injury case to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Apart from slip and fall accidents, other common ways you are likely to suffer harm while in a supermarket include:

  • Electrocution
  • Acts of violence
  • Faulty doors
  • Defective products
  • Falling objects
  • Fires

Proving that an unsafe condition existed before the accident occurred is a complex process. You may need a skilled attorney to help recreate the events surrounding the accident where you were injured. Through their investigations and experience, your legal team will determine whether the accident could have been avoided in the first place, helping to determine fault effectively.

Liability in a Grocery Store Injury Case

Depending on how your accident occurred, multiple parties may be held at fault. Establishing fault is a very crucial step, and you should have the best attorney work on your case. Some of the entities likely to be held liable for your damages include construction companies, product manufacturers, and supermarket owners.

Construction Companies

Construction companies have a duty of care in ensuring that they maintain the safety of shoppers. They must establish ways that customers can avoid danger. For example, the design of the supermarket should be in a way that it doesn’t create a safety concern. Additionally, they must establish clear warning signs in areas likely to cause an accident.

Appliance/Product Manufacturers

grocery cart

All product manufacturers must guarantee the safety of buyers of their products. In case a defective product causes you harm or serious injuries, you may file a product liability claim for compensation with legal help from a resourceful Galveston supermarket injury lawyer.

Supermarket Owners

It’s the legal and moral responsibility of all supermarket owners and managers to guarantee the safety of their premises. They must ensure that all safety hazards are dealt with effectively and on time. If someone is injured under any circumstance that could have been avoided, the supermarket owner and managers can be sued for negligence. A dedicated Galveston lawyer can help you identify who is at fault in your grocery store injury case.

You May Need a Galveston Supermarket Injury Attorney

Before you hire an attorney, you must, first of all, review the extent of damages you suffered. More often than not, some injuries do not require a lawyer, leave alone filing a case. If you suffered minor injuries, you can settle with the responsible party immediately. However, if you lost a loved one or suffered serious harm, you have all the reasons to retain a Galveston supermarket injury lawyer. Our Lone Star Injury Attorneys believe in the rule of law and justice, that responsible parties should be held accountable for their actions. Call us today to learn more about how to recover compensation for your damages.

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