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When you put your child under the care of someone else, you expect that they will be taken good care of. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we strongly believe that children, as innocent as they are, should enjoy the best of things that life has to offer. From good health to education, your child should be allowed to live their best life. Unfortunately, this cannot happen if they suffer life-threatening injuries. In a similar vein, it is traumatizing when these injuries are caused by the negligence of another party. For this reason, our Galveston child injury lawyers seek to restore normalcy in your child’s life by fighting for their legal rights.

By filing a personal injury claim, you stand a chance to recover compensation for harm suffered by your child. While no amount of compensation can undo the damage caused, the money you get will surely help your child move on with life, even under difficult circumstances.

Every Adult Owes Children a Duty of Care

Regardless of where your child was injured, you shouldn’t think twice about retaining a Galveston child injury attorney to pursue legal action against the party responsible for the injury. Every adult automatically has a duty of care toward children. Very often, children come into harm’s way without their knowledge, and while it may be assumed that they might be responsible for their own injuries, it’s the responsibility of adults to ensure that unsafe conditions are absent.

What Types of Accidents Can I File a Child Injury Claim For?

If your child has been injured, you must understand how the accident occurred before filing a lawsuit for compensation. Unfortunately, children get injured for many reasons. It could be due to regular activities or play, but can also result from another person’s negligence. Some of the most common accidents that result in child injury include:

Playground Injuries

Whenever children are playing, there’s a high risk that they will get injured in the process. Poor playground maintenance is among the leading causes of playground injuries. But even if the playground is well maintained, it’s important to have someone watch the children as they play.


Young children are particularly at high risk of poisoning since they do not know or understand the dangers of poisonous chemicals and products. Adults must keep such household products away from the reach of children.

Car Accidents

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), car accidents are the leading cause of child deaths and injuries in the United States. Unlike adults, children require specialized care as passengers to avert the risk of being injured when an accident occurs.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Every year, at least 400,000 children visit the emergency room with head and traumatic brain injuries. Many of them result from slip and fall accidents, while others emanate from blows to the head from acts of violence or playground accidents.

Other common causes of child injuries include:

  • Dog bite accidents
  • Fire accidents
  • Drowning
  • Medical malpractices
  • School bus accidents
  • Daycare accidents

Notably, many child injuries result from negligence. And as such, it can be traumatizing and stressful to learn that your child would be living a normal life but for the negligent misconduct of another party. The emotional and financial toll that follows can make you and your child feel hopeless. But fortunately, our Galveston child injury attorneys can help you overcome these difficult times by fighting for your rightful compensation.

Let a Galveston Child Injury Attorney Help Your Family

On top of recovering compensation for medical bills, you can recover a lot more damages in your child injury case. For example, while children cannot receive compensation for lost income, they can be compensated for future loss of income or loss of income-earning ability. If you are wondering whether to file a case for your child’s injury, our team of Galveston child injury lawyers will provide you with answers to your questions. Call us today for a one-on-one consultation with our Lone Star Injury Attorneys.

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