Mistakes to Avoid in a Truck Accident Case in Cypress

Truck accidents are not new on Texas roads. You may have been involved in one, or at least you know someone who has. Truck accidents tend to be more devastating. If they involve passenger vehicles, the aftermath can be fatal. Therefore, it is vital that you understand the steps you should take immediately after a crash.

These steps are not only critical to your safety but also have a significant impact on your ability to collect compensation for your injuries and losses. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we handle these cases daily. Sometimes, we come across victims who missed a step or two in the aftermath of their accident. What this typically does is limit their ability to recover compensation. This is not something you want, given the enormous financial implications that follow a catastrophic injury.

Common mistakes you should avoid following a Cypress truck accident include:

Not Reporting the Accident

It is common for accident victims to be traumatized and overwhelmed after a crash. This confusion may make it impossible to realize they ought to report the accident. Some dread calling the police due to fear, thinking they can handle the matter on their own. However, you should never fail to contact the nearest police department to report the accident. Calling the police does not in any way allude to your liability. Instead, it shows you are committed to helping them unravel the circumstances of the crash. Most importantly, the police may help evacuate the injured and clear the scene to avoid further harm. Also, ensure that you retain a copy of the police report.

Leaving the Scene Too Soon

By being aware of the mistakes to avoid in a truck accident case in Cypress, you get to protect your legal rights. Leaving an accident scene too soon may hurt your case. To begin with, Texas laws require that anyone involved in a crash remains at the scene until the police arrive. They should also render necessary assistance to the injured. Leaving the scene may imply you were at fault. To avoid this, always remain at the scene until the investigative authorities arrive. But if you are severely injured, you can have someone you trust to stay at the scene on your behalf as you seek treatment.

Failing to See a Doctor and Following Up with Treatment

Truck accident victims could be quick to downplay the severity of their injuries. Some believe they can manage them at home, or the pain will eventually go away. While this is often true for minor cuts and bruises, severe injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, spine injuries, among others, should never be left untreated. Apart from helping you recover, seeking medical evaluation and treatment is vital if you wish to pursue compensation. Medical reports and testimonials from your physician may be used as proof of harm.

Not Notifying Your Insurance Company Timely

Another common mistake to avoid in a truck accident case in Cypress is failing to notify your insurance company on time. The aftermath of a crash can be devastating, and you may forget to contact your insurer. If you don’t report your accident, you are likely not to get any compensation. Notifying them marks the beginning of the settlement process as they get a chance to investigate the crash and start the negotiation.

Accepting the Initial Settlement Offer

The moments following a truck accident will be financially draining, especially if you suffered a catastrophic injury. You may be desperate for compensation, therefore accepting any settlement offer that comes your way. Without sounding negative, you should not be overly excited about the initial offer. Often, it does not reflect your rightful amount. Instead, it is a common way that insurance companies hoodwink injured victims into signing away their compensatory rights. The best thing to do is to let a seasoned attorney handle your insurance company.

Not Contacting an Attorney

Truck accident cases involve complex procedures and laws that only a qualified attorney can handle. For example, there is a two-year cap on personal injury lawsuits set by the Texas Statute of Limitations. This means you only have up to 2 years to bring your case forward. This may not be enough if you were severely injured. Having a dedicated attorney helps you focus on treatment as your case goes on.

Contact a Cypress Attorney for More Guidance on Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Trying to handle a truck accident case on your own can be overwhelming. Retaining a trusted attorney from our firm is the best way to protect your rights. Contact our offices for a FREE consultation to ensure you do not make any mistakes following your truck accident in Cypress that could hurt your claim.

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