How Does Payment for a Cypress Personal Injury Lawyer Work?

Texas laws allow victims of negligence to collect damages for their injuries and losses through a personal injury lawsuit. The party deemed to be responsible assumes financial responsibility for their economic and non-economic damages. Surprisingly, some victims choose to handle such cases independently rather than retain an attorney. Many of them feel that hiring a personal injury attorney is an expensive affair reserved for the chosen few.

Well, there is much more to an attorney than just their legal fees. A good personal injury lawyer will have your best interests at heart and thus will put your interests before their needs. How an attorney structures their payment may indicate whether you stand a chance to win your case. Research shows that lawyers who charge upfront legal fees may not be the best suited to handle an injury case. Understanding how payment for a Cypress personal injury lawyer works is crucial before retaining them.

Common Payment Structures for Personal Injury Attorneys

There are different ways that payment for Cypress personal injury attorneys work. Typically, each is dependent on the type of attorney you choose and what their policies are. However, most personal injury law firms in Texas, including Lone Star Injury Attorneys, have a standard payment structure that allows for absolutely zero upfront payments. Common payment structures for personal injury attorneys are:

Contingency Fee Policy

This is the most popular and widely accepted payment structure for most Cypress personal injury attorneys. Under this agreement, your attorney will only collect legal fees based on the outcome of your case. Usually, they don’t collect attorney’s fees if you are not settled. Essentially, this implies that they must win the case and get you the compensation you need for you to get billed. If successful, there will be no hidden or additional charges since the percentage they retain will be agreed upon before retaining their services. This is how our firm structures its payment for the cases we handle.

Hourly Payments

When an attorney suggests an hourly payment, both of you will agree on a standard rate to be charged for the time spent working on your case, regardless of its outcome. This time covers all the technical aspects of your claim, including investigations, negotiations with insurance companies, and proceeding to court. Your attorney also gets a bonus payment if the case is successful and you are compensated.

Sliding Scale

As the name suggests, this type of payment allows your attorney to collect more legal fees as your case progresses. For example, they may charge 30% if your case is settled with insurance companies. Nonetheless, if it proceeds to trial, the figures may rise considerably to 40% and so on until your case is closed.


A retainer mode of payment requires the plaintiff to pay a lump sum of money before starting their case. This structure is not contingent on the success of your case, and thus, your attorney gets paid whether you get compensated or not. Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys do not use this policy, and the team at our firm will never ask for upfront legal fees.

The Best Attorneys Do Not Charge Upfront Fees

The bottom line is that you should always retain the Cypress personal injury attorney who will handle your case on a contingency fee arrangement. This policy guarantees your rights and interests since you do not need to worry about financing your case. Your attorney collects legal fees only if and when you are settled or compensated. Generally, an attorney who is ready to handle your claim under this structure believes you have a good chance of collecting damages. It also shows their ability to pull financial and human resources together without a hassle. These are what you need to have your rights and interests protected.

Call Our Firm to Discuss How Payment for a Cypress Personal Injury Attorney Works

When looking for an attorney to handle your case, you should remember that only a qualified and experienced attorney is ready to foot all legal expenses upfront as they anticipate a successful claim. At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, our personal injury lawyers are constantly fighting to recover maximum compensation on behalf of our clients so that they can move on with life. To discuss your case for free, and to learn more about how payment for a Cypress personal injury attorney works, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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