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In good weather, Texas is abuzz with many boating activities. The numerous waterways provide the perfect recreation centers after a long day or during summer. Towne Lake and Lake Bridgeland are among the most frequented lakes in the Cypress area, with multiple recreational activities and businesses being carried out here.

While most days go without an incident, some may record fatal boat accidents that result in catastrophic injuries and sometimes death. The dangers of boating increase in lousy weather, negligent behaviors in the waterways, and vessel defects. Victims may qualify for compensation by retaining a Cypress boat accident lawyer to fight for their rights. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can guide you through every step of the legal process.

When to Report a Boat Accident in Cypress

A boat accident that occurs on Texas waterways must be reported to the necessary state agencies. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department lays out the circumstances under which they must be reported. Specifically, the Parks and Wildlife Code Section 31.015 requires that you register a boat accident in case of:

  • Severe injury
  • Property damage above $2,000
  • Missing person

The accident must be disclosed within 30 days, but you have up to 48 hours to inform the local state authorities or the U.S Coast Guard if someone is killed. A knowledgeable attorney could provide more information about these watercraft accident laws.

Liability in a Watercraft Accident

As with other personal injury cases, liability in a boat accident is determined based on the circumstances of your case. Basically, the party found to have been negligent bears financial responsibility for the injured person’s losses. Having a resourceful attorney is very crucial in a Cypress boat wreck case. Experts such as accident reconstructionists may be needed to piece together the details of your case to establish fault.

Potential defendants in a boat accident lawsuit could be:

  • Boat owners for poor vessel maintenance
  • Boat operators for violation of maritime or Texas negligence laws
  • Boat rental company for negligent operator hiring
  • Boat passengers for reckless behavior
  • Boat manufacturer for defective parts and poor designs

A seasoned lawyer can review your case based on its unique circumstances to establish fault. Because Texas follows comparative negligence laws, your own fault may adversely affect your eligibility to recover damages. To qualify for compensation, your degree of the blame must be 49% or below. Anything above that automatically disqualifies you from filing a personal injury claim.

Do I Settle with Insurance Companies or Proceed to Trial?

Most personal injury cases, including boat accident claims, don’t make it to the courtroom. They are settled through negotiations with insurance companies. Because insurance adjusters represent the best interests of their employer, it is doubtful that they will make a fair assessment of your losses at first. As such, you shouldn’t be overly excited about the initial offer. However, it could mark a great start to fruitful negotiations with your attorney. Having an ambitious lawyer is an excellent way of showing the insurance company that you mean business and that you expect full justice for your watercraft accident injuries.

If negotiations don’t yield a beneficial outcome, your attorney may proceed to litigation and eventually, trial. Although a court process is more complex, expensive, and time-consuming, it could also result in more compensation than an out-of-court arrangement. In certain circumstances, you may qualify for punitive damages. Our attorneys do not bill you unless you are compensated, so you shouldn’t worry about affording a lawyer for your case.

Finding the Right Attorney

Before retaining an attorney for your boat accident case, there are four essential things to consider. First, they must be certified by the necessary boards in their jurisdiction. Certification proves that the attorney is recognized among their peers and they have attained the requisite training and skills to practice in that area. Our attorneys have won several awards from SuperLawyers and the National Trial Lawyer Association and others for their success in personal injury law.

The second thing to look out for is their area of specialization. The perfect attorney for your case specializes in personal injury law. This guarantees knowledge of the different laws that govern personal injury cases. They don’t handle corporate law or divorces; their only focus is personal injury law.  Lone Star Injury Attorneys is dedicated 100% to personal injury law.

Because your case may go to trial, you need a trial-tested attorney. Your lawyer must be ready to face off with the defense counsel in court with evidence good enough to win you the compensation you deserve. On top of that, they must have the resources to handle the case from the beginning to the end. Our attorneys regularly win at trial and have recorded record-setting verdicts for Texas.

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