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In fair weather, Texas comes alive with a myriad of boating activities. The state’s numerous waterways serve as ideal recreational centers, providing relaxation and fun after a long day or during the summer months. Towne Lake and Lake Bridgeland are among the most popular lakes in the Cypress area, hosting a wide variety of recreational activities and businesses.

While the majority of days are marked by safety and enjoyment, there can be exceptions where fatal boat accidents occur, leading to catastrophic injuries or even death. The risks of boating escalate in poor weather, due to negligent behavior on the waterways, or as a result of vessel defects. Victims of such accidents may be eligible for compensation and can benefit from retaining a Cypress boat accident lawyer to advocate for their rights. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are here to guide you through every step of the legal process.

When to Report a Boat Accident in Cypress

A boat accident occurring on Texas waterways must be reported to the appropriate state agencies. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department specifies the conditions under which an accident must be reported. According to the Parks and Wildlife Code Section 31.015, a boat accident must be registered if there is:

  • Severe injury
  • Property damage exceeding $2,000
  • A missing person

The accident must be reported within 30 days, but if there is a fatality, you have up to 48 hours to inform either the local state authorities or the U.S. Coast Guard. A knowledgeable attorney can provide further details regarding these watercraft accident laws.

Liability in a Watercraft Accident

As in other personal injury cases, liability in a boat accident is determined based on the specific circumstances of the incident. Essentially, the party found to have been negligent is financially responsible for the injured person’s losses. In a Cypress boat wreck case, having a resourceful attorney is vital. Experts such as accident reconstructionists may be required to assemble the details of your case to establish fault.

Potential defendants in a boat accident lawsuit might include:

  • Boat owners, for poor vessel maintenance
  • Boat operators, for violating maritime or Texas negligence laws
  • Boat rental companies, for negligently hiring operators
  • Boat passengers, for reckless behavior
  • Boat manufacturers, for defective parts or substandard designs

A seasoned lawyer can review your case based on its unique factors to determine fault. As Texas adheres to comparative negligence laws, your own degree of fault may negatively influence your ability to recover damages. To qualify for compensation, your share of the blame must be 49% or less. Anything greater than that automatically renders you ineligible to file a personal injury claim.

Do I Settle with Insurance Companies or Proceed to Trial?

Most personal injury cases, including those involving boat accidents, never reach the courtroom; instead, they are often settled through negotiations with insurance companies. However, since insurance adjusters primarily represent their employers’ interests, their initial assessment of your losses may not be fair. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too quick to accept their first offer. Though it could be a promising starting point, it’s essential to engage your attorney in thoughtful negotiations. Having an assertive lawyer demonstrates to the insurance company that you are serious about seeking justice for your watercraft accident injuries.

If negotiations fail to reach a satisfactory resolution, your attorney may opt for litigation and, if necessary, a trial. While this legal route is more complex, costly, and time-consuming, it might lead to greater compensation than an out-of-court settlement. In specific cases, you may even be eligible for punitive damages. You don’t need to worry about affording legal representation, as our attorneys only charge fees if you receive compensation.

Finding the Right Attorney

When selecting an attorney for your boat accident case, consider four essential factors:

Certification: Ensure that the attorney is certified by the relevant boards in their jurisdiction. This certification attests to their recognition among peers and confirms that they have the necessary training and skills in that practice area. Our attorneys have received accolades from SuperLawyers, the National Trial Lawyer Association, and other organizations for their achievements in personal injury law.

Specialization: Your chosen attorney should specialize exclusively in personal injury law. This focus ensures familiarity with the various laws governing these cases. Unlike lawyers who handle corporate law or divorce cases, those at Lone Star Injury Attorneys are dedicated 100% to personal injury law.

Trial Experience: Since your case may end up in court, select a lawyer with significant trial experience. Your attorney must be prepared to confront the defense counsel with compelling evidence, backed by the resources to manage your case from start to finish. Our attorneys consistently succeed in court, achieving record-setting verdicts for Texas.

By considering these aspects, you can find the right legal advocate to ensure the best possible outcome for your specific situation.

Have You Been Injured in a Boat Accident? Our Cypress Attorneys Are Here to Help

If you or someone you know has been killed or suffered serious injuries in a boat accident, we may be able to assist you in obtaining the compensation you need. Contact us immediately to schedule a complimentary case review with our Cypress boat accident lawyers at a time that’s convenient for you.

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