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Car accidents are not pleasant to be involved in for anyone. They often cause a lot of trauma and suffering for the injured victims and their loved ones. Even for the well-trained and most cautious driver, an accident can still occur due to the carelessness of other road users. In an ideal situation, drivers who cause a crash are required to stop, render necessary assistance to victims, and identify themselves. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

When someone hits you and immediately flees the scene, you still have your legal rights, as in other types of accidents. However, the legal approach to a hit-and-run can be more complex if the driver is not found, as a car wreck attorney could explain. You may have many questions regarding liability and how you may recover compensation if they are never apprehended. A seasoned Brownsville hit-and-run accident lawyer from Lone Star Injury Attorneys is the best suited to listen and discuss your case at absolutely no cost.

Understanding a Hit-and-Run Accident

Typically, a hit-and-run is your ordinary accident, but in this case, the driver flees the scene immediately. They don’t provide their contact information or provide necessary assistance to injured victims. Under Texas laws, this may qualify as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the extent of harm and damage caused

A driver may flee an accident scene for many reasons, including:

Lack of Proper Insurance

Reports from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) show that at least 13% of drivers in the United States do not have valid insurance. So when an accident occurs, the driver may flee to avoid facing the rule of law.

Possession of Illegal Goods

Our Brownsville hit-and-run accident lawyers have handled cases where the at-fault driver fled the scene due to possession of illegal goods. They are mostly drugs, and in an attempt not to run into police at the location, these drivers choose to drive away.

Stolen Vehicle

Car theft is not a new thing in Texas. While driving away, these drivers often flout traffic rules, endangering others in the process. The driver may drive beyond the speed limit or make unsafe lane changes. Their negligence may end up causing significant damage to property and harm to people.

Driving under Influence

Although drunk driving is prohibited in Texas, some drivers still engage in this vice. Their sense of judgment and reasoning becomes constricted, making it impossible for them to control the vehicle or make any informed decisions while on the road. In the process, innocent road users pay the ultimate price as they suffer severe injuries and property damage while others are killed.

Road Rage

Aggressive driving may also result in a hit-and-run accident. Mostly, agitated drivers operate their vehicles carelessly without reasoning and care for other road users and the general public. In the process, they crash into other cars and property or knock down pedestrians, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Who Pays My Damages If the Driver is Never Caught?

If you were injured in a Brownsville hit-and-run accident, the driver might be found. The police and your attorney may use camera footage and eyewitness testimonials to track down the suspect. When they are caught, your Brownsville hit-and-run accident lawyer may file a civil lawsuit demanding compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered. Usually, the suit is defended by the driver’s insurance company, or in rare cases, the individual driver pays out-of-pocket.

Even if the driver is not caught, it’s still possible to recover damages. You may file a claim with your own insurance company. Still, you must equally show that someone else was responsible for your injuries. You may recover compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Wrongful death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any other provable loss

Because these claims are difficult to prove, you need to work with skilled Brownsville hit-and-run accident lawyers. Through their experience and resources, you may be able to track down the driver and hold them accountable or receive compensation through your insurance coverage.

Statute of Limitations in Hit-and-Run Accidents

The time within which a Brownsville hit-and-run accident claim must be brought forward doesn’t change. You must file your case within the first two years from the day of the accident. This means you should save time by immediately contacting a Brownsville hit-and-run accident lawyer.

Getting the Legal Assistance You Need After an Accident

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how traumatizing a hit-and-run accident can be. That’s why we dedicate our time and resources to helping victims like you get the justice they deserve. Schedule a no-cost case evaluation with one of our Brownsville hit-and-run accident lawyers today by calling our offices or filling out a contact form online.

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