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When you step out on Texas roads, you expect other motorists to obey traffic rules and exercise caution for your safety. Sadly, that’s not always the case. There are many ways that drivers fail to be cautious. But perhaps the most confusing subject is around yielding the right of way when two or more drivers approach an intersection simultaneously. Even for pedestrians, there is often debate on when and where they have the absolute right of way.

For decades, this confusion has resulted in enormous losses resulting from failure to yield accidents. Although Texas laws are clear regarding this subject, they continue to occur, and far too many car accidents are out of negligence. If you were injured in similar circumstances, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation. An experienced Brownsville failure to yield accident lawyer at Lone Star Injury Attorneys may help you prepare a solid case, negotiate a fair settlement, or present your case in court.

Common Ways that Right of Way Accidents Occur

Texas laws require that when two drivers approach the same intersection, one party has the right of way, and the other must yield to the other driver. Failure to do so can result in a car accident. The failure to yield attorneys at our firm have handled these cases and are aware of how each happens. We handle accidents that involve:

  • Failing to yield to vehicles when turning left at an intersection on a solid green light
  • Failing to yield to emergency service vehicles
  • Failing to yield to pedestrians on crosswalks
  • Failing to yield to other vehicles when entering a freeway
  • Failing to yield to other motorists when pulling out of a parking lot

A failure to yield collision can happen under different circumstances. Whether you were a pedestrian, passenger, driver, or motorcyclist, you should get the justice you deserve. A qualified attorney may help you investigate your case to determine liability and fight for your compensatory rights.

Punishment for Failing to Yield in Texas

When a vehicle makes careless maneuvers and enters an intersection illegally without yielding the right of way to deserving parties, that alone constitutes a violation of Texas traffic rules. Of course, a driver doesn’t need to cause an accident to be held accountable by the police. Any driver who fails to give up the right of way may be ticketed by a police officer, regardless of if there is any damage.

But in case someone suffers harm or is killed because of a driver’s failure to yield, the injured party may bring forward a civil suit to recover their damages. In a criminal lawsuit or traffic ticket, the government may argue that the negligent party’s actions were a safety hazard, and as such, they should face some consequences (suspension of license or a fine) to caution other drivers from the same vice. These two punishments for failure to yield are not beneficial to an injured victim. That’s why you need to file a civil case for your damages.

By filing a civil lawsuit against the driver at fault, you will be compelling them to compensate you for losses suffered due to their negligence. You can recover a monetary outcome in two significant ways:

Negotiating with insurance companies

Most injury cases are settled through negotiations with an insurance company. However, the defendant’s insurance company may be unwilling to pay you, especially if you are not represented by counsel. Insurance adjusters will often downplay your claims and frustrate you to give up or accept a less than fair settlement. You need an aggressive right of way collision lawyer to handle communication and negotiations with insurance companies. This way, your rights and best interests are protected.

Proceeding to Trial

If your attorney feels that negotiations are not yielding any fruitful results, they may proceed to trial. Here, a jury or judge listens to your case, reviews the evidence tabled before the court, and evaluates admissions made by your counsel and that of the defendant. In the end, they make a ruling, and if in your favor, you may get compensated.

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At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how stressful handling a failure to yield accident case can be. When everyone is denying liability, and arguing that they had the right of way, you need a professional who can discover and present the facts of your accident and firmly establish fault. That’s what our Brownsville failure to yield accident lawyers do. We offer free private case evaluation so you can thoroughly discuss your case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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