Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Brazoria County

truck driving on the highway

Trucks and semi-trucks are often used to transport large or heavy goods due to the truck’s size and weight. Their preference for other vehicles is based on their ability to travel long distances effectively without many mechanical or logistical problems. And while their usefulness cannot be compared to other methods, the use of tractor-trailers has its fair share of shortcomings.

If you have been on the roads and highways, you may have come across an overturned truck or an accident involving a truck. While there are numerous laws meant to curb the prevalence of these accidents, they continue to occur. Some are purely accidental, while others are due to acts of negligence by various potential parties such as the trucking company, the truck driver, road authorities, and truck manufacturers.

Some of the common causes of truck accidents in Brazoria County include driver fatigue, poor truck maintenance or driving, alcohol or drug use, speeding, and distracted driving.

Driver Fatigue

This is the most common cause of 18-wheeler accidents. Due to their work schedules, truck drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel without rest. And whenever they rest, the time allocated is never enough. This is because truck owners demand that the delivery of goods should be done within the shortest time possible.

As a result, they mount pressure on the truck drivers to deliver within set deadlines. This lack of enough sleep and rest accumulates over time, causing fatigue to the driver. In the long run, they end up having poor concentration, judgment, and coordination.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Trucking companies and owners are required by state laws to ensure that the trucks are in good mechanical condition before hitting the road. This means that they must frequently service almost all the parts and systems of the tractor-trailers. However, this can be costly. For this reason, some truck owners overlook these requirements to save them money in maintenance costs.

With time, some of the major truck systems or parts such as the brake and steering system develop mechanical problems. If they are not repaired on time, the damage will have been done by the time they think of doing so.

Poor Truck Driver Training

Trucks are not ordinary vehicles. Their huge weight and size require extra training and expertise to ensure that accidents do not happen. Unlike in a small car where you just learn the basics of moving from point A to point B, driving a semi-truck requires intense training. This is especially true in cases where the truck has a trailer or is carrying heavy and dangerous goods such as gasoline.

The driver will need to know when and how to make a proper turn to avoid jackknifing, how to apply brakes without skidding, and much more. Often, the blame is placed on the trucking company or owner for hiring incompetent drivers.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Some truck drivers have been found guilty of alcohol and drug abuse while on the road. Some of them indulge in drug abuse during stopovers while others go a notch higher by carrying and using them while driving. Regardless of how or where they use them, these drugs have one basic result: impaired judgment.

Illegal drugs are not the only type of drugs that can lead to impaired judgment while on the road. Other doctor-prescribed drugs can also cause damage to your driving ability. In many cases, doctors will warn users of the side effects of such drugs before administering them.

Speeding & Careless Overtaking

Due to the demand by truck owners that their goods must reach their destination within the shortest time possible, truck drivers will often try to beat these deadlines by speeding. Truck owners demand this with finality. They don’t put into consideration several factors such as road and weather conditions. In the end, drivers end up speeding just to meet their targets and safeguard their jobs.

While speeding, drivers will carelessly overtake in corners and sharp bends while tailgating. In case of an emergency that requires immediate braking, the semi may jackknife and result in multiple car crashes. What’s more, the driver may blindly overtake and cause a head-on collision with another car.

Distracted Driving

Due to the long hours spent on the road, truck drivers can find themselves bored. For this reason, they will look for ways to keep them occupied and stimulated. This urge makes them engage in activities that put them at risk of an accident. The most common form or cause of distracted driving is the use of mobile phones to text, call, or browse the internet.

Given that some country roads and areas have poor radio and phone connectivity, drivers may try to look down at their phones or radio to look for network reception. Such fractions of seconds doing this can result in an accident.

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