Liability in a Brazoria County Motorcycle Accident Case

Establishing liability in a Brazoria County motorcycle accident case is a great step towards compensation for your injuries and losses after a crash. In Texas, anyone who seeks to pursue monetary recovery in a personal injury case must prove fault.

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, we understand how important compensation is after a life-changing accident. There are medical expenses to pay, lost wages to recover and a future to secure. All this cannot happen when your way of life has been disrupted, and you cannot go to work anymore. The trusted motorcycle accident attorneys at our firm are dedicated to helping you get the justice you are entitled to. Establishing liability is just one step among many in the compensation process, so, you shouldn’t leave anything to fate when we can help.

How Liability in a Motorcycle Accident is Established

Discovering fault in any personal injury case boils down to negligence. You must show that someone else failed to observe their duty of care towards you, thus causing you harm. Furthermore, causation must be established, in that the accident would not have occurred had the other party not been careless. Proving these elements of negligence in a motorcycle accident case may be daunting, especially if you were severely injured or it’s your first time being in such a situation. Thankfully, an experienced attorney may help.

A dedicated legal team will conduct thorough investigations and establish liability in a Brazoria County motorcycle accident case using evidence such as:


Eyewitnesses play a vital role in helping establish the facts about an accident. Although their accounts may be refuted, they help provide a starting point for your case. Their testimonials also help corroborate your account of events, thus putting every party involved where they should be.

Police Reports

After reporting a crash to the local police department, an officer will be dispatched to the scene. Apart from helping secure the site, they will also conduct investigations to establish the circumstances leading to the accident. Although they are just preliminary, the investigations may paint a clear picture of what may have happened. If the officer suspects foul play or negligence, their findings will be noted in the final police report which your attorney can use to corroborate your claim in regards to liability.

Photos & Videos of the Accident Scene

Taking photos of an accident scene is crucial for establishing liability in a Brazoria County motorcycle accident. By evaluating images and video footage, accident reconstruction experts may determine what exactly happened before the crash. As such, we encourage auto wreck victims to photograph the scene before leaving. If your helmet had a dashcam, the recordings can be a game-changer.

Toxicology & Medical Reports

Seeking medical treatment after an accident is essential for your well-being as well as protecting your compensatory rights and interests. Reports and testimonials from your doctor may prove causation. While chemical tests are not standard protocol after a traffic accident, they may be carried out if it’s suspected that the other driver is impaired. A toxicological report will help boost your case if it turns out they were intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.

Who Is to Blame for Motorcycle Accidents?

Different parties may carry liability in a Brazoria County motorcycle accident case. This depends on the circumstances and facts of the crash. That’s why proper investigations are important before filing an injury claim. Some of the most common parties likely to bear fault in a motorcycle accident include:

  • Other motorists for negligent driving
  • Local state agencies for poor road maintenance
  • Motorcycle manufacturer for defective parts and systems
  • Construction companies for poor road designs

Our trusted legal team can help you determine what caused an accident and who is responsible as well as collect all the necessary evidence to support this in and out of court.

Call a Brazoria County Attorney for Help Establishing Liability for a Motorcycle Accident Case

At Lone Star Injury Attorneys, our team understands the stress you may be facing after suffering injuries in a motorcycle wreck. Establishing liability in a Brazoria County motorcycle accident case is critical to being able to recover compensation for your losses. Let us take the lead in handling these legal details so you can focus on getting back on your feet. Call today to learn more.

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