Rollover Car Accidents in Bellaire

Rollover accidents are among the most devastating crashes in the U.S. They occur when a vehicle tips and lands on its side. Though popular among Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), they also involve commercial trucks in the form of jackknifing. Unsafe vehicle designs, dangerous changes of lanes, inexperienced driving, crosswinds, and distracted driving are common causes of rollover accidents.

Since negligence is often at the center of these auto wrecks, discussing your legal options with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney is crucial to find the justice you are entitled to. Call Lone Star Injury Attorneys today to schedule a one-on-one meeting with our legal team to evaluate your case and plan the way forward after a rollover car accident in Bellaire.

3 Major Causes of Rollover Accidents

Many factors contribute to rollover accidents in Bellaire. Unfortunately, most of them involve negligence in one way or another. Working with a skilled Bellaire rollover accident lawyer is the best way you can be assured of free and fair investigations into the cause of your crash. Popular causes of these accidents are usually categorized under:

Driver Negligence

Drivers carry a moral and legal responsibility to follow set traffic laws and operate their vehicles safely. Unfortunately, many of them disregard these rules, making rollover crashes inevitable. Common driver practices that amount to recklessness include unsafe lane changes, speeding, road rage, inexperienced driving, distracted driving, and drunk driving.

Vehicle Defects

Because drivers are not always at fault, it is also important to identify other grounds through which liability may be established. Vehicle malfunctions are equally known to contribute to thousands of traffic accidents every year. The defects can be associated with unsafe Vehicle designs as is the case with Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) or faulty parts such as braking systems. Such defects make it near-impossible for a driver to fully control their vehicle when approaching sections where they must yield to other motorists and road users.

Inclement Weather & Bad Roads

Inclement weather such as heavy downpours, black ice, fog, and mist negatively impact road safety. Visibility is greatly impaired while the vehicle’s traction with the road becomes reduced. Coupled with driver negligence in form of speeding, unsafe lane changes, and inexperienced driving, such conditions increase the occurrence of rollover crashes. Individual drivers, vehicle owners, vehicle manufacturers, construction companies, and state agencies may be held accountable for car accidents involving bad weather based on each party’s level of fault. Because some government entities are immune to legal action, you may want to discuss your case with a skilled attorney.

Common Rollover Accident Injuries

Rollover accidents in Bellaire have a higher potential of causing fatal injuries compared to other types of auto wrecks. Some of the widely reported injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs)
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
  • Head trauma/Broken skull
  • Disfigurement
  • Severe burns

Prompt medical evaluation is essential for ruling out any hidden injuries that may not be evident immediately after a crash. Following up with your doctor’s treatment plan also helps to protect your rights by supporting your claim especially when proving damages and causation. A lawyer will help document your treatment process and capture resulting damages for maximum compensation.

Compensation Following a Rollover Accident

If someone bears liability for a rollover accident, they become financially responsible for the damages caused. As the victim, you can file a claim with their insurance company. In case they are not insured, you may resort to dealing with your insurance company depending on the circumstances of your injuries. Although most car accident cases are settled with insurance adjusters, you should not be quick to accept the first offer and its terms. Oftentimes, their goal is to corner you into signing away your rights.  Without aggressive legal representation, you risk settling less or having your claim denied.

Because not all car accident cases get resolved out of court, you have another option that entails filing a lawsuit in court. A formal demand letter is written to the party at fault showing the details of the crash and the damages you seek. The defendant has a limited time to revert, either accepting or denying some or all the allegations leveled against them.

By replying to your demand letter, the court process formally begins with opening statements, depositions, filing legal paperwork, legal arguments, mediation, and finally, going to trial. An appointed jury or judge then makes a ruling based on the evidence tabled before the court. Our trial-tested lawyers are best placed to take your case to court. Call us today to get started on your journey to financial freedom after a rollover car accident in Bellaire.

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