Hit and Run Car Accidents in Bellaire

Auto wrecks involving fleeing the scene are sadly a common occurrence in Texas. Even with stringent rules and regulations in place to curb this practice, more drivers continue to cause untold harm to innocent road users. A hit and run occurs when a motorist flees an accident scene without following set rules such as reporting the crash to local authorities or providing assistance to injured persons. In Texas, anyone involved in an accident must stop and surrender their insurance and contact information to the other party. Violating these laws may result in criminal action.

If someone is hurt in a hit-and-run accident in Bellaire, he or she may be eligible for compensation through a civil lawsuit. However, they must prove, with a preponderance of the evidence, that another party was to blame for the accident. Proving the elements of negligence in a car accident claim is not a walk in the park. Retaining an experienced car accident attorney increases your odds of success. Our proficient team is experienced in finding justice for victims like you and are happy to help you too.

Why Some Motorists Don’t Stop After an Accident

While it is common sense to stop after an accident, not everyone does. Understanding why some drivers don’t stop after a crash is vital as it gets you prepared in case you are involved in one. As the most experienced hit and run accident attorneys in the Bellaire area, our team has handled cases involving drivers who flee due to:

  • Expired insurance coverage
  • Driving without insurance cover
  • Driving a stolen vehicle
  • Possessing illegal goods
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol
  • Avoiding or having too many tickets
  • Inexperienced driving
  • Illegal immigration

No matter the reason, everyone involved in an auto wreck must stop and follow the necessary steps as required by Texas laws. Anyone who flees the scene without involving the police or exchanging relevant information commits a crime and may be set up for criminal and civil action. A knowledgeable lawyer understands the applicable laws and can help explore different legal options to your advantage.

Your Legal Options Following a Hit and Run Accident

Most car accident claims are first filed against insurance companies. In a hit-and-run accident, the chances of apprehending the other driver may be slim, leaving injured victims confused about what steps to take or who to sue. If the party at fault is not tracked, you may still have a chance to recover compensation by filing a claim with your insurance company. Insurance adjusters may make it difficult for deserving victims to settle.

Bad faith insurance tactics such as delayed settlement or misinterpreting insurance policies, and settling too soon are meant to trick you into giving up on your rights. Handling insurance companies effectively requires a tenacious Bellaire hit-and-run accident attorney who is not afraid of advocating for your rights.

Although most cases settle out of court, you may proceed to trial if not content with how insurance companies treat you. A jury or judge will make a ruling to deny your claim or compensate you depending on the evidence tabled before the court. The qualifications and experience of your legal team matter when filing a case in court. When looking to hire a lawyer, always insist on one who is trial-tested.

How an Attorney Can Help

Handling your case alone and hiring a hit-and-run accident attorney to do the job for you have different results. To begin with, you are already at a disadvantage fighting against experienced defense attorneys. That alone should tell you how important working with a Bellaire hit-and-run accident attorney is. Crucial benefits of retaining a legal team for your case are:

  • Help Determining liability
  • Help Handling insurance companies
  • Working with investigating authorities to track down the other driver
  • Reviewing traffic footage and eyewitness accounts
  • Preparing and filing necessary legal paperwork
  • Retaining expert witnesses as need be

It’s without a doubt that having the right legal team will boost your odds of making a successful case whether you settle with insurance companies or proceed to court.

Contact a Bellaire Attorney for Help With a Hit and Run

Our team understands the frustrations that come with a driver who flees an accident scene. We are committed to tracking them down and holding them accountable for their actions. Even if they are not traceable, there are other legal avenues we can pursue. Call us today to learn more about hit-and-run car accidents in Bellaire.

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