Front-End Car Accidents in Bellaire

Head-on collisions are common auto wrecks in the U.S. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), these accidents have a 58% fatality rate. They are also common causes of catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, internal injuries, spinal injuries, head trauma, disfigurement, and traumatic brain injuries.

If you were hurt or lost a loved one following a front-end car accident in Bellaire characterized by negligence, you have the right to pursue justice. Our obligation at Lone Star Injury Attorneys is to provide victims like you with legal support not only to chart the way forward but also to get the most out of your case. The experienced auto collision attorneys at our firm will guide and represent you during negotiations with insurance companies or proceeding to court.

3 Top Causes of Head-On Collisions

Most auto wrecks in the United States involve negligence. Unsurprisingly, many head-on collisions involve reckless drivers too. There are many reasons why a motorist can shift from their lane into oncoming traffic. Since each crash is as unique as its circumstances, it is vital to partner with a knowledgeable Bellaire head-on collision attorney who handles similar cases daily. Our auto wreck attorneys take up head-on collision cases involving:

Driver Negligence

Reckless driving practices are the top causes of head-on collisions in Texas. When a vehicle operator fails to adhere to state and federal rules in regards to speed limits, lane changes, and driver qualifications, these accidents become inevitable. Some of the most popular driver error practices involve:

  • Speeding
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Inexperienced driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving
  • Road rage

Although drivers are often to blame, they do not always bear liability. An accident reconstruction expert may help identify the root cause of a crash to establish the role of the driver and whether they may have been negligent.

Vehicle Malfunction

If the driver is not to blame, someone else is. Vehicle defects ranging from unsafe designs and faulty parts equally play a huge role in contributing to preventable crashes. For instance, a defective tire may blow out, resulting in a sudden loss of vehicle control. Even defensive drivers often have an uphill task reverting loss of control. In these scenarios, vehicle and product manufacturers may be at fault.

Bad Weather & Roads

Ice, fog, mist, and heavy downpour are also popular causes of head-on collisions in the U.S. Because Texas experiences different weather patterns, it’s often difficult to tell how the next minute or day will turn out. For this reason, all motorists must adapt to these changes. Unfortunately, some don’t, exposing themselves and other road users to foreseeable harm. Equally, state agencies and construction companies have a duty to ensure that all major highways, streets, and access roads are properly designed, constructed, and maintained.

Proving Fault in a Head-On Wreck

Fault in a car accident case involving a head-on collision always involves negligence. You must provide proof showing that another party was careless in their actions or inactions and that they failed to do what a reasonable person would in a similar scenario. Further, you must prove that:

  • A legal duty to ensure your safety existed
  • The duty was knowingly breached
  • The breach was the proximate/direct cause of your injuries
  • You suffered losses

Applying the elements of negligence as they relate to your case requires the skills of an experienced Bellaire front-end wreck attorney. With their help, you may recover critical evidence proving each element. Some of the parties likely to be held legally and financially responsible are individual drivers, vehicle owners, driver employers, vehicle manufacturers, state agencies, and road construction companies. The expertise of a seasoned Bellaire head-on collision attorney will provide a major boost in determining the parties to sue in your case.

Hire a Bellaire Head-On Collision Attorney

Recovering compensation in any personal injury case is no walk in the park. You will likely face insurance companies whose only goal is to protect their pockets at your expense. Without an aggressive auto wreck attorney, justice will be difficult to find. Call our firm today to discuss your legal options and learn more about how our team can help after a front-end car accident in Bellaire.

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