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For years now, ridesharing companies have changed the way Baytown residents get around their city. Uber being the most popular company serves millions of clients, not only in Texas but across the world. It makes getting around easy and convenient at a low fee. Although Uber does not own these cars, they control their operations by processing payments for car owners and drivers and establishing working ethics and regulations for their drivers. For this reason, using Uber and Lyft is considered safer than conventional means.

Thankfully, most Uber drivers are cautious and well-trained to guarantee their safety and that of their passengers. But even so, accidents can happen anytime. In fact, Uber is aware of this possibility and takes out a large insurance policy to pay out claims made by victims injured from the negligence of their drivers. Our Baytown Uber accident lawyers have handled cases involving these ridesharing giants.  Recovering compensation in such cases is difficult unless you make a strong and aggressive lawsuit with the help of a skilled attorney.

Uber has the financial and legal resources needed to counter claims made against them. Therefore, representing yourself in a personal injury case involving an Uber driver is like going into a warzone without weapons; you are bound to fail if you are unprepared. If you were injured in an auto accident involving Uber, you should hire an experienced Baytown car wreck attorney to fight for you.

Liability in a Baytown Uber Accident

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If you were recently injured in an accident involving Uber, you are probably wondering who the responsible party is to sue for damages. Normally, drivers are expected to operate their vehicles safely without endangering other motorists and pedestrians. So, when a crash occurs, the first party likely to be held liable is the Uber driver. However, not all accidents are caused by men and women behind the wheel. A crash could occur due to bad weather conditions, poor roads, vehicle defects, or negligence from other road users. For this reason, you should retain an accident lawyer as soon as possible to determine the proper Defendant.

Typically, determining liability in most personal injury cases is dependent on the state’s laws concerning negligence. In most states, including Texas, the plaintiff must prove the following when establishing fault:

  • The defendant owed them a duty of care
  • The defendant breached that duty
  • The breach caused you harm
  • You suffer damages

Again, liability in your rideshare accident will be based on your ability to determine the cause of your crash. It’s only here that you can authoritatively establish fault. Some of the most common causes of Uber accidents include:

  • Uber driver negligence
  • Poor road conditions
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Vehicle defects
  • Negligence from other road users

From the abovementioned causes, your skilled lawyer can help you file a rideshare accident claim against:

  • Car owner for negligent hiring
  • Other road users
  • Car manufacturer
  • Road construction companies
  • Car maintenance company
  • Uber Corporate
  • Local agencies for unmaintained roads

Depending on your case, your Baytown attorney can sue an individual or multiple parties.

How Much is a Rideshare Injury Lawsuit Worth?

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Securing compensation in an Uber lawsuit is largely dependent on the extent of injuries and damages suffered. It’s not enough to convince the insurance company or Uber about the severity of harm suffered just by saying you were hurt; you need proof. For example, if you are to demand compensation for losses incurred while seeking treatment for injuries suffered, you should bring with you medical documents and testimonials from important fact witnesses, such as your treating doctors. Therefore, each accident includes its own unique injuries and pain and suffering; there is no specific amount of settlement for Uber accident lawsuits.

To understand the value of your claims, you must, first of all, realize the full extent of your injuries and damages. Our Uber collision attorneys can help you do this by hiring experts such as Life Care Planners and Economists to help you take into account all losses you suffered in the past, present, and the foreseeable future. Generally, your minimum settlement should at least cover your economic and non-economic damages.

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