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Every driver in Baytown is legally obligated to ensure that their operations don’t pose a risk to pedestrians and motorists. They must, at all times, see to it that their duty of care towards them is not breached. But because car accidents are often unexpected and go unwitnessed, motorists are expected to stop at the scene, call the police, and offer assistance to injured victims. On top of that, they must also identify themselves to the victims and determine the extent of damages they have caused. Any attempt to flee the scene is deemed to be a punishable criminal offense.

Hit and run accidents in Baytown are all too common and continue to rise every day. According to statistics from the National Highways and Transport Safety Authority (NHTSA), the United States records at least 1 hit and run accident every minute. Out of these numbers, over 2,000 people are killed while over 140,000 others are injured every year. This trend has over the years caused ripple effects on the economy, with millions of dollars being channeled towards the treatment of injuries suffered.

You may not have been involved in a hit and run accident before, but you may know someone who has. Again, such accidents are never seen coming, and for this reason, it’s important that you understand how to protect yourself in case the worst happens. It is also in your best interests that you contact a Baytown hit and run accident lawyer to help you with your case. Our dedicated vehicle collision attorneys can inform you of your legal options.

Understanding How Hit and Run Accidents Occurs

For many people, a hit and run accident occurs only when a motorist knocks down a pedestrian and flees the scene. And while this is just one of the ways this type of accident occurs, there are other ways in which a hit and run can happen. Hitting a moving or stationary car also counts as a hit and run. Many times, the damages caused can be extensive. A pedestrian can suffer life-changing injuries or even lose their life. On the other hand, damage to property such as cars can be so significant that your car is totaled.

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents leave the victim stressed and unsure of the steps to take. Therefore, documenting the scene and calling the police is a sure way of protecting your legal rights. You should also remember to have an attorney by your side. Retaining a Baytown lawyer ensures that your hit and run case is dealt with professionally and in strict accordance with compensatory laws. This levels the playing field when filing a claim with resourceful insurance companies.

Reporting a Collision in Baytown After the Negligent Driver Flees the Scene

damaged car

Once you realize that you’ve been hit and the driver has run away, you should, first of all, check yourself for any injuries. Your safety is paramount, and you should always get immediate medical evaluation especially when you feel something is not right. An ambulance will evacuate you if your injuries require further evaluation. If you can, contact a friend or lawyer to have them remain behind at the scene.

If you happened to see the vehicle or motorist who hit you, record information such as:

  • They type of vehicle which hit you
  • The license plate number of the vehicle
  • Physical attributes of the driver
  • Time of the accident
  • Color of the car
  • Contact information of eyewitnesses
  • Photos of the scene and injuries sustained

If you are unable to record any information about the driver that fled the scene, an experienced attorney may be able to access traffic footage to help catch up with the offender. Again, if this doesn’t work, and the driver who hit you is nowhere to be traced, your attorney can help review your insurance policy and file a claim against your insurance company for compensation.

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