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As a shopper, you have a right to safety when browsing in a supermarket or grocery store. Sadly, unsafe conditions such as poorly lit staircases, spills, defective escalators, or cluttered floors can result in serious bodily harm to shoppers and passersby alike. In these instances, Texas personal injury and premises liability laws may offer you a chance to seek legal recourse for damages suffered.

If you were hurt in a supermarket accident due to the staff’s negligence, you need an experienced injury attorney to protect your rights and help you recover compensation for losses incurred. An Alief supermarket injury lawyer is qualified to handle any personal injury claims and wrongful death cases that stem from negligent conduct.

Negligence in Supermarkets

Like many other personal injury cases, most claims involving supermarket injury can be attributed to negligence on the part of store owners, managers, and supervisors. If you were hurt as a shopper, you are entitled to compensation just as a worker is. Some of the most popular ways that supermarket injuries happen include:

Slip & Fall Accidents

Falls are the most common type of accidents in supermarkets and grocery stores. They often stem from wet and cluttered floors as well as uneven and slippery surfaces. Property owners and managers have a duty to protect visitors by clearing unsafe conditions or warning them about existing hazards. Debris on walkways and icy sidewalks are other perfect examples of unsafe conditions likely to cause slip and fall accidents.

Falling Objects

Goods are stacked high up in supermarkets and grocery stores. When shoppers reach out for something and it comes tumbling down, there is a high chance of getting hurt. If you sustain serious injuries requiring medical treatment, you may invoke your right to compensation by filing a claim against the store owner or manager. Our Alief supermarket injury attorneys can review CCTV footage and speak to eyewitnesses about your accident.

Inadequate Security

Poorly lit parking basements and staircases are breeding grounds for criminal activities and trip and fall accidents. Property owners must guarantee the safety of shoppers and visitors by installing security cameras and lighting. In addition, business owners must be aware of the potential risks that customers face and therefore take necessary pre-emptive measures to prevent foreseeable harm from happening.

Rights for Supermarket Workers

If you are hurt as a worker in a supermarket, you are equally entitled to compensation for your losses. A good starting point is seeking worker’s compensation from your employer. Worker’s compensation may compensate for lost wages for the time you missed work. For bigger losses—such as medical expenses, permanent disability, and rehabilitation costs—you need to file a claim against your employer.

The catch, however, is that the circumstances around your injury must have stemmed from negligent practices or behaviors from your employer or manager. For example, if safety apparel or gear were not provided when dealing with harmful substances, you may sue them for subjecting you to unsafe conditions that resulted in foreseeable harm. A knowledgeable Alief supermarket injury attorney will collaborate with experts in different fields to establish the specific scenarios under which you suffered harm, and determine whether negligence was involved.

Hire an Alief Supermarket Injury Attorney to Begin Recovering Now

Though a supermarket injury may seem minor, you may be entitled to more money than you think. Calculating the value of tangible losses is easy, but the same cannot be said about intangible losses such as emotional distress, physical pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life. On top of that, knowing what special rules and regulations to apply in your case will be difficult without legal experience. This is where our accredited lawyers come in. We help with:

  • Investigating your claim for negligence
  • Identifying all parties bearing fault for the accident
  • Gathering evidence, collecting proof of injury, and determining liability
  • Negotiating settlement with the other party and their insurance company
  • Taking the case to trial and representing you in court, if necessary

Hiring a supermarket injury attorney has never been easier. The teams at our firm only collect attorneys’ fees contingent on the outcome of your claim. We retain an agreed percentage of your compensation as legal fees only when you are settled. There are no upfront costs. Our no-win-no-payment arrangement helps motivate our injury lawyers to fight and get the most out of your claim. To set up a one-on-one consultation with a proficient Alief supermarket injury lawyer, contact us today.

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