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Dogs are among the most loved animal companions. Besides offering security against intruders in homes, they are also used for companionship. They foster a sense of belonging and love for their owners. Unfortunately, they can be vicious to strangers and familiar faces alike. That’s why the Houston Ordinance Act requires all dog owners to leash their animals while in public spaces. Every year, at least 4.5 million people suffer dog bites in the U.S. Nearly 50% of all reported cases involve children. Sadly, some of them are fatal.

No one should have to suffer the traumatizing consequences of an animal attack because of someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one suffered harm in similar circumstances, you should prioritize speaking with a personal injury attorney. These claims may be filed for compensation, thus allowing you access to better treatment for injuries suffered. Our Alief dog bite lawyers are qualified and trained to handle all cases stemming from an animal attack.

What Are My Legal Options After an Animal Attack?

Like victims of auto wrecks and other injury cases, anyone who suffers harm in a dog attack may pursue compensation from the animal owner. Sometimes, one may be attacked by a friend’s or neighbor’s dog, making it difficult to sue them without negatively affecting relationships. However, it is practically possible to seek a settlement in such scenarios without beating yourself about it.

Many homeowners have insurance policies covering their property and animals. You, therefore, don’t have to sue individual parties. Instead, you should hire a dog bite attorney in Alief to explore possible legal avenues for maximum compensation depending on the facts of your case:

Out-Of-Court Settlements Are Faster

As mentioned, you may bring a claim against the dog owner’s insurance company. This is usually the first resort for most injury victims. Out-of-court settlements are much quicker, efficient, cost-effective, and less stressful compared to a court process. Here, you engage with insurance adjusters, hoping to reach a beneficial agreement without involving a judge or jury. You should not be quick to accept their terms or sign any documents without counsel or representation from a proficient attorney. Bad faith insurance tactics may be employed by insurance adjusters to deny or lower your settlement.

Filing a Animal Bite Lawsuit

While it is fairly uncommon for dog bite cases to reach trial, some still do. Out-of-court settlements may not work for everyone, especially when insurance companies are not willing to settle on your terms. Even when it’s crystal clear that your claim is valid, they may still dodge the issue until the statute of limitation lapses. Retaining a dedicated counselor will ultimately give your case a major boost, ensuring that the correct paperwork is filed, eyewitnesses are deposed, relevant evidence submitted, and expert witnesses retained. Although a court process is long and time-consuming, it often results in higher compensation compared to out-of-court settlements. We can guide you on what legal action suits you best based on the damages suffered and other factors about your case.

Importance of Medical Treatment Following a Dog Bite Injury

Some people downplay the importance of seeking medical care after a dog attack, especially when the injuries are minor. Even if you suffered mild harm such as cuts or bruises, it is still essential that you see a doctor immediately. Some of these injuries may result in further infection if left untreated.

Furthermore, you will need evidential proof showing the type of injuries suffered, how long treatment took, and the types of damages incurred in the process. This is something that our Alief dog attack attorneys need to have. Without proper medical documentation, proving your claim will be a tall order. For these reasons, you must consult a physician immediately. Following up with your doctor’s plan should equally be a priority.

Costs Recoverable

Damages in a lawsuit may compensate for both tangible and intangible losses. Seasoned attorneys know best how to calculate economic and non-economic damages, thus making it much easier to claim a specific amount of compensation. Basically, you should look forward to compensation for physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical expenses, therapy costs, and diminished quality of life among others.

Contact Our Compassionate Alief Dog Bite Attorneys for Help

Animal attacks are usually scary experiences. The trauma suffered may leave one emotionally drained, thus affecting every aspect of their life. Our caring Alief dog bite lawyers understand this to a large extent. We are happy to help you lead a normal life by fighting to secure your rightful compensation. Fill out our online contact form to schedule a free case evaluation.

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