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Construction sites present unique hazards to workers and the general public alike. If you have been hurt as a worker, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. Unfortunately, it’s never enough for medical expenses, lost wages, permanent disfigurement, lost future earnings, and rehabilitation costs among other damages.

Filing an injury case is the only way you can be guaranteed fair compensation. Even so, you will still face stiff opposition from insurance companies and adjusters. Without aggressive legal representation from a reputable personal injury attorney, you are likely to give up on your rights or settle for less. Our top-rated Alief construction accident lawyers understand what is at stake and are ready to help you get the money you deserve.

Common Types of Construction Accidents & Injuries

Multiple accidents occur on construction sites. Sadly, some are connected to negligence. They include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Falls from heights
  • Falling objects
  • Vehicular crashes
  • Defective products
  • Being struck with objects or equipment

Dangers at a construction site or zone vary. Some of the injuries to look out for include head trauma, spinal injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, cuts & bruises, internal injuries, burns, and neck injuries. You should pursue immediate medical evaluation even as you contact an Alief construction accident attorney near you.

When to Consult a Construction Accident Attorney

Generally, it’s a good idea to seek legal counsel about your injuries and legal options as soon as possible after an accident. You shouldn’t wait to speak with a construction accident attorney. In Texas, personal injury victims usually have a time limit of two years to bring a lawsuit forward, failure to which they forfeit their right to compensation. If you suspect foul play in your injuries whether as a worker or passerby, speaking with a skilled Alief construction accident attorney gives you the answers to the many questions you may have.

4 Top Benefits of Hiring a Construction Accident Attorney

You are not barred from self-litigation in any personal injury case. However, when a construction accident is involved, it is likely that you suffered a catastrophic injury. Besides being physically or emotionally incapacitated to work on your case, you may not be well-versed with the multiple rules and regulations that make up the construction industry. For instance, premises liability laws are a common basis for construction site accidents. Without any legal background or knowledge, you may not know how to apply them in your case, but a qualified Alief construction accident attorney would.

Other crucial benefits of working with an established construction accident attorney are:

Maximizing Your Settlement

If you have been injured while at a construction site, you probably have missed work, thus constraining your access to finances. With a serious injury comes the need for quality medical care and rehabilitation. However, when your means of livelihood is disrupted due to someone else’s negligence, you can hold them financially accountable for your losses. A seasoned attorney will negotiate a maximum settlement with insurance companies to ensure your past, current, and future damages are compensated.

Proving Liability

Your injury claim cannot take off without establishing the party you want to sue. Liability in any personal injury lawsuit is the cornerstone of its success. It is crucial to note that identifying the parties to blame for your injuries requires a lot of work. You will need to speak with eyewitnesses, retain expert witnesses, review police reports, assess the accident scene, and much more. All these can be daunting for injured persons, let alone anyone without legal experience. Knowing what to look for is as important as finding the evidence you need to prove fault. Construction accident attorneys have the resources to investigate your case and pinpoint liability.

Handling All Legal Paperwork

Legal paperwork, deadlines, and other filings are part and parcel of any injury claim. Navigating the hurdles each presents is a tall order unless you work with an experienced construction accident attorney in Alief. Errors when submitting filings could hurt your case, thus narrowing your chances of making a recovery. A skilled attorney, on the other hand, has the experience and knowledge to collect, review, and submit all paperwork needed on your behalf.

Representing You in Court

Although only a small fraction of injury cases go to trial, you need to get yourself prepared for any eventuality such as having your claim determined by a judge or jury. Unlike out-of-court settlements, going to court may result in higher compensation, but equally requires a lot of work and effort. For example, there are court fees to pay, parties to depose, and arguments to be made. As such, only a trial-tested attorney can represent your interests effectively. Call Lone Star Injury Attorneys today to set up a meeting with our construction accident attorneys.

Contact an Alief Construction Accident Attorney Today

Construction site supervisors have a responsibility to mitigate hazards and keep their crew safe. If you were hurt on the job, an Alief construction accident lawyer can help. Contact us now to learn more about your legal options for recovery.

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