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Millions of people rely on greyhound buses, tour buses, and school buses among others daily. They accommodate tens of passengers in one go, thus making them reliable and affordable means of transport for many. Consequently, mass transit has to be safe, but unfortunately, buses are not any safer, especially when negligence is involved.

Due to the fact that buses are bigger and weigh heavier than standard passenger vehicles, their accidents are often tragic. They cause all kinds of losses in the form of property damage, death, and catastrophic injuries. In this case, anyone who is injured or whose loved one is killed may qualify for compensation. Our Alief bus accident lawyers help such victims find justice and closure by fighting to secure maximum compensation on their behalf. If you or your loved one are one of the victims, you should schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

Major Contributory Factors to Bus Crashes

Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) show that the majority of these accidents in the United States are preventable but for negligence. Whenever a person or parties fail to observe the standard duty of care, accidents are bound to happen. Sadly, innocent persons end up paying the price of such negligence.

The most recurrent causes of these accidents across the U.S are:

Driver Negligence

All drivers must follow state and federal rules. These regulations are put in place to ensure the seamless flow of traffic with the utmost consideration for public safety. Unfortunately, some drivers purposely flout these rules, exposing their passengers and other road users to untold hazards. For example, when a bus driver runs a red light, they are at a high risk of rolling over or getting t-boned. Such crashes are devastating, especially when vehicles collide at high speed or a commercial truck is involved. Other driver negligence practices include speeding, unsafe lane changes, distracted driving, and driving under influence.

Bus Defects/Malfunction

Vehicle malfunction is a frequently reported cause of auto wrecks. When proper maintenance is not carried out on vehicles, they become prone to breaking down. Faulty brake systems are among the most common yet catastrophic causes of traffic accidents. Bus companies and owners may be at fault. Some fail to meet state and federal requirements regarding vehicle inspection in a bid to cut costs. Other defects may be traced back to manufacturing companies. Our accomplished Alief bus crash attorneys work hand in hand with automobile engineers to establish the roadworthiness of vehicles in the moments before a crash. By doing so, liability is easily pinpointed.

Bad Weather Conditions

Lousy and hazardous weather conditions do not directly result in traffic accidents. Instead, human error and poor judgment while driving in such conditions elevate the likelihood of a crash. For example, drivers are required to use full lights when driving in heavy rainfall, fog, or mist. This helps increase visibility. Unfortunately, not all do so, therefore limiting their range of sight. Poor roads may also become ticking bombs in bad weather. For instance, water-filled potholes may be invisible to motorists, thus making them prone to tipping at increased speed. Slippery roads due to black ice are another common cause of bus incidents.

How to Establish Liability for a Bus Wreck

Although negligent drivers are to blame for many vehicular crashes, it is equally important to understand how liability plays out in bus accidents. While each case is distinctive, the fault is universally established based on negligence. First of all, it must be established that a legally binding duty of care existed. In an accident lawsuit, the defendant must have been under a legal obligation to ensure your safety. For example, drivers have a duty to follow traffic laws.

Besides demonstrating that a duty of care existed, you must expound on how it was breached. Simply put, your bus accident attorney in Alief must present evidence validating your claim. Using the example earlier, traffic footage may be recovered as proof that the driver ran a red light.

Because insurance companies and the defense attorneys may downplay your injuries or claim as having stemmed from something else but the accident, you must illustrate causation. Specifically, your attorney must bring forth irrefutable evidence linking your injuries, property loss, or death of a loved one to the specific accident. Expert witness testimonials, eyewitness statements, police reports, and other pieces of evidence may be used to validate causation. Proving these elements of negligence requires a practiced attorney.

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