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With its spectacular natural elements, it’s no surprise that many boating enthusiasts flock to Texas for boat-related activities. The waterways in the Lone Star State are always abuzz with activities, especially on weekends and holidays as people from all walks of life enjoy and explore the natural spaces. While the beautiful sights are breathtaking, the U.S Coast Guard reported 613 fatalities out of the 4,618 boating accidents that occurred in 2019. 2,559 people sustained serious injuries in the same year.

Boating accidents in Texas are as common as traffic accidents. Although they are a bit less compared to auto wrecks reported every day, these accidents can be deadly. Unfortunately, many of them are attributed to negligent behaviors while on the waterways. If you were injured or had your loved one killed in a accident of this nature, you have the right to seek justice. Anyone whose action or inaction results in serious injury, death, or property damage to another party may be sued. Sadly, many victims do not know their rights, thus the need for a knowledgeable attorney who understands maritime rules and regulations, and how Texas personal injury laws play out in such cases. Our Alief boat accident lawyers are happy to discuss your case for free.

Why Are Boat Accidents So Common?

Just like other vehicles, boats and other watercraft come with their fair share of hazards and risks. When someone fails to observe proper care, accidents are bound to happen, many of which are catastrophic. Boat accidents stem from different human factors, such as:

  • Inexperienced boat driving or operation
  • Speeding
  • Careless maneuvers
  • Operating a boat while under the influence

Sometimes, these accidents can be attributed to bad weather conditions such as heavy downpours, strong winds, fog, and mist. While these are beyond human control, boat operators and owners must ensure that they safely operate their watercraft. Additionally, improper maintenance of these vehicles can put them at risk of deadly accidents. Working with a skilled Alief attorney is the best way to determine the cause of boat accidents on Texas waterways.

How Compensation Works in a Boat Accident

As mentioned, you may be eligible for compensation following an accident as long as you can prove that someone else was blameworthy. Boat owners, boat operators, boating companies, boat manufacturers, and state agencies usually carry fault depending on each case. Knowing how to pursue compensation from each is critical.

A seasoned Alief boat incident attorney may help you recover damages through:

Insurance Companies

Like motorists, boat owners are also required to have valid insurance coverage while in operation. This seeks to protect and compensate passengers, boat operators, and other third parties in case of an accident. If you were injured, or lost a loved one in a boat, the first order of business is to find out whether the boat company or owner had insurance coverage.

If so, you will have to bring your claim against their insurance company for the injuries and losses you suffered. In case they are not insured, you may also bring your claim against your insurance company. Handling insurance adjusters is usually a stressful endeavor. Many of them are out to protect their pockets, and as such, they will rarely settle claims fairly. For this reason, you should let our bold advocates handle all communication with insurance companies.

Filing a Lawsuit

Bearing in mind that not all negotiations with insurance companies yield a positive result, it is important to get yourself prepared in case you need to file a lawsuit in court. Having a trial-tested counselor is an added advantage that will save you the time and hassle of filing legal paperwork, paying court fees, collecting and presenting evidence, cross-examining and deposing witnesses, and arguing your case before the jury.

Remember, you have a limited time to bring your case forward, usually two years from the day of the accident. Because seeking treatment should be the biggest priority on your side, you should hire legal assistance to focus on getting you the compensation you deserve.

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